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    Playa el Agua
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    Playa el Agua 2
  • La Restinga
    La Restinga
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Margarita Island presents the best beaches in the Caribbean in Venezuela, with a warm tropical climate throughout the year. . Besides the beaches our accommodations coordinated accounts with the most varied actracciones that provides access between the island which are Restinga Lagoon, with its wonderful wildlife and mangroves that turn salt water into fresh water for their own sustenance. On the island are the only planet humoristico park in Musipan find itself reflected the idiosyncrasy of the Venezuelan culture. They are to highlight the beaches located in the northeast of the island, Beach El Agua, El Tirano and Guacuco beach. Note the large number of options found on the island , among which are , include the National Parks as La Restinga and countless beaches like El Yaque and Punta arenas among others.